• Robert Doman

Top 5 free IOS games

As a kid I spent most of my time hogging the family's iPad. It felt like every day I downloaded a new game. However, there were always games that I would never delete.

These are my top 5 IOS games that I've played. They are all pretty old, but they are gold. Having time to cultivate their concept, they are more than just a trend. This list includes a variety of genres, from puzzle games to driving games, all family friendly.

Hill Climb Racing (4.5 star on IOS)

Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2 are 2D physics based driving games. The aim of the game is to travel as far as you can before running out of fuel or hitting your drivers' head. You can unlock different vehicles, each with different upgradable parts. Hill Climb Racing 2 is newer so it includes some classic mobile game features such as loot boxes and leagues. Whatever your opinion on these, it also boasts more customisabilty and sense of progression.

Hill Climb Racing Gameplay

Being a simple 2D physics game at heart, Hill Climb Racing is fun in short bursts or long stretches. Each time you play you will gain coins so it always feels like you're working towards the next vehicle. For me, learning each map was part of the fun. Knowing which vehicle was best for each problem gave me reason to revisit old vehicles as my garage grew. If you haven't tried this classic, now is as good a time as any.

SimCity BuildIt (3.8 star on IOS)

A patiently rewarding game made by EA. It is a city builder with strong online features. For example you can buy and sell items from other cities. With beautiful assets, this game is a joy to look at. Designed to be played a few times a day, hopping back in is easy.

SimCity BuildIt Gameplay

This game is the perfect time killer, as long as you're connected to the internet. As I spent time growing my city, I steadily unlocked new things. With a helpful tutorial at the start and tips throughout I never felt lost. Although this game has in-app purchases, I never felt as though the game was pay to win. If you want a mobile city builder, SimCity BuildIt is as good as it gets.

PAKO Forever (4.4 star on IOS)

PAKO is a series of car chase simulation games (PAKO Forever is a re-imagined version of the classic PAKO). Your mission is to survive as long as you can while escaping the cops. Maps include environmental hazards that could eliminate you or your pursuers, they are now generative and different each time you play. The game also has useful pickup boxes, which have saved me too many times to count. This endless runner style game is great to play in between tasks.

PAKO Forever Gameplay

On IOS, PAKO Forever is the only version that is free, while Android sports the original PAKO and PAKO 2 at no cost. To unlock vehicles, you complete challenges. Instant restarts when you crash keep this game from feeling tedious and random encounters make every time you play feel important.

If you're looking for a game that instantly rewards you, PAKO answers the call.

Tringles (4.6 star on IOS)

Easy to learn, hard to master. Gain points by filling and clearing rows of shapes. This seemingly simple puzzle game takes these mechanics and puts them into six different game modes.

Tringles Gameplay

This game is extremely relaxing when you enter a flow. Slotting in the perfect piece to clear 5 rows feels euphoric. It's simplicity and variety holds up over long periods of play. Each game technically never ends, it just requires focus and proficiency to keep it going for as long as you can.

A perfect puzzle game to wind down with.

Puzzle Craft 2 (4.4 star on IOS)

In this puzzle adventure game you are the king or queen of a settlement, looking to flourish on a newly discovered island. The main mechanic is connecting matching items by creating a line with your finger to maximize your rewards. Your job is to build and upgrade your settlement to progress to the next area. The game will throw new and exciting challenges at you as you get to know the game.

Puzzle Craft 2 Gameplay

I loved the first puzzle craft, so when I saw the sequel on the app store I couldn't wait. The way Puzzle Craft 2 is designed gives you more things to do. Unlocking new plants and animals gives useful different bonuses and providing the game with variety.

Start your puzzle adventure with this charming title.

All of these games are worth trying. My favorite is Hill Climb Racing, the simple genius of it is brilliant. SimCity probably has the highest quality on this list, but Puzzle Craft 2 is the most creative.

Have you played any of these before? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.