• Robert Doman

Carcade - Prototype Concept

Updated: May 11

In my free time I want to create a game around cars. Being in my final year at Uni, I feel as though I am in a unique place of having freedom and knowledge. The past two years at Uni have taught me a lot about 3D modeling game development practices and time management. Because of this I aim to dive deeper by creating a game by myself.

I am very passionate about cars. I love driving games and was lucky enough to work on one during my second year. However, this year our idea has taken a different route. For that reason, I aim to create a vehicle based game that uses my own 3D assets and is programmed by myself. This will serve as a creative outlet and a learning process as I have not yet used blueprints in UE4 apart from when creating materials.

Code-named Carcade, this game will be a low-poly, top-down, arcade-driving game about driving and customizing cars. This is all open to change as I intend to work using agile. The main pillars I want from the prototype are car creativity, collectibles and a vintage feel. The overall aim of this game is to create a unique looking car game that gives the player creativity when it comes to completing challenges. I want it to be set in the muscle car era so that I can use sound and styling to keep the experience both cohesive and creative.

Car Creativity

Giving the player choice is key to creating meaningful experiences. I aim to have a car which can be tuned, along with some visual customization. The players aim will be to create a car in order to complete challenges to unlock new parts. For the first iteration I do not intend this to be complicated, but once it has been tested I will expand it.


By rewarding the player with car parts, I aim to create a game that hooks the player by wanting more. The challenges will include timed events such as drag races, slaloms and best lap times. Beating predetermined scores will give access to these rewards, encouraging the player to retry and improve their car.

Vintage Feel

As an artist I would love to create a unique style. The 60s and 70s were a vibrant time for cars and for cinema. I aim to take the visual aesthetics of movies like Bullitt, Vanishing Point and Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry in order to generate a retro vintage feel throughout the game experience. I aim to do this by using sound, visual effects, vehicle shape language, and possibly camera angles.

Car from Vanishing Point (1971)

The main inspiration for this game was the PAKO series. PAKO 2 is a low-poly top-down car chase game with a retro vibe. Although this game is successful, I wondered what it would be like with less violence and more creativity.

I want the working prototype to include a basic custom car, at least one 'challenge', a few reward parts and what I hope to be an early 70s visual language.