My name is Robert Doman. I am a 20-year-old Cornish native, studying at Falmouth Uni. I have followed my passion for creativity by studying and practising Game Development and 3D modelling. My time at Falmouth Uni has provided me with 3 years of team based professional practise in which I have worked towards 3 major game projects. My previous education entailed 2 years of working in Illustrator and photoshop to create iterated outcomes.

As part of my teams, I have primarily worked as a generalist and environment artist. However, I was able to be the vehicle artist during my second year. Throughout my time at Falmouth I have been working towards improving myself as a hard surface specialist. I was able to grow my knowledge of mid-poly workflows by recreating the Blade Runner 2049 police spinner as part of an assignment. After this I decided to recreate a 1969 NASCAR to continue my personal studies of vehicle modelling. I am now working on a 1980s Audi Quattro to improve my modelling techniques and overall realism.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at University; I deeply enjoyed working in team to co-create a game and enjoyed being around like-minded individuals. I will continue to work on my skills as an artist and game developer. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a piece of art that I developed in game and working alongside other assets and systems to create a powerful game experience.

One of my favourite games is Dirt 4. The way procedural generation works with well-known rally values is very compelling. The game lets the player chose their own difficulty letting the game work for a range of players, rewarding them for pushing themselves. My favourite way to play is in first person, with no restarts, forcing me to live with my mistakes.

The reason I’d like to specialise in vehicles is because of their uniqueness and attention to detail. I’ve had a passion for vehicle design for as long as I can remember. Cars have always slipped into my work in one shape or another, so I aim to dedicate more energy to them.

I’m excited for what the future may hold. Until then, I aim to create, learn and enjoy myself.